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September 7, 2023

lstw wins gold at the National Magazine Awards 2023!

lstw wins gold at the National Magazine Awards 2023!
Congratulations to Lez Spread the Word on winning gold at the Canadian Magazine Awards!

Since its creation, L'Empreinte has had the pleasure of helping the lstw team print its paper magazine.

To mark the occasion, we asked Florence, the founder and creative director, to tell us a little about her experience with us:

"From the very first meetings, we realised that we shared the same values: open-mindedness, a willingness to listen... and above all, attention to detail.

The team at L'Empreinte has always made us feel confident, and every stage of the work is taken seriously and with great professionalism. What's more, we felt from the very beginning that L'Empreinte, as a partner, believed in the project as much as we did. And that's inspiring. It makes us always want to try new things, including reaching out to other markets.

They're passionate people, like us, and it's a pleasure to share that with their team! From the creative department to accounting, L'Empreinte understands our needs and is making it possible for an independent print project to carve out a place among the best!"

Thank you to the entire lstw magazine team for trusting us with this fantastic project for the last 7 years!

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