The history of Empreinte has been written for 30 years and has influenced the Quebec printing press.


107 employees

  • L’Empreinte acquires Alternative, a company specializing in the design, printing and manufacturing of a wide variety of packaging products.


107 employees

  • L’Empreinte acquires a new hybrid press, the Speedmaster CX104, to improve the efficiency and quality of packaging projects
  • Creation of a white paper that explains how to succeed in your packaging project. To download it, click here: https://bit.ly/41j0IeR


108 employees

  • 120 artisans at L’Empreinte
  • L’Empreinte is in the process of developing its HACCP plan


110 employees

  • L’Empreinte celebrates its 35th anniversary!


110 employees

  • Imprimerie l'Empreinte has been rewarded four times in the 38th edition of the Gutenberg Gala in the following categories: Book Publishing, Audacious, Self-Promotion Marketing, as well as the Gutenvert mention for Sustainable Development Option.


130 employees

  • FreeFlow Core and Duplo technologies can automate several tasks, from digital printing to cutting. Traceability makes it possible to track all steps of production with greater accuracy.
  • Renewed our GRACOL and FSC certifications
  • L’Empreinte Among the Finalists of the Dunamis Contest!


125 employees

  • ERP integrated system
  • Set up a Continual Improvement Group (GAC)
  • Acquired a Xerox® Iridesse™ digital printing press


125 employees

  • Acquired a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 8-colour press UV
  • Acquired cutting-edge finishing equipment to expand our product line
  • Added an Easy Matrix cutting machine


115 employees

  • L’Empreinte turns 30
  • Expanded the premises by 15,000 sq ft


110 employees

  • Moved to an ultramodern 52,000 sq ft plant in Laval
  • Acquired one of the first Xerox iGen150 digital printing presses in Canada


100 employees

  • Expanded the finishing division
  • Acquired a Heidelberg XL 105 6-colour press
  • Acquired our first UV press


90 employees

  • Developed the digital technology fleet
  • Set up environmental policies and recovery infrastructure
  • Set up our Web-to-Print solution


50 employees

  • FSC certification
  • Expanded the premises to 32,000 sq ft
  • Acquired 5- and 6-colour Heidelberg presses


25 employees

  • Expanded the premises to 18,500 sq ft
  • Acquired a 4-colour Heidelberg press
  • Installed CTP technology
  • Installed the second generation of CIP3


8 employees

  • The print company l’Empreinte was created
  • 5,000 sq ft premises

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