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June 1, 2022

L’Empreinte excels at the 40th Gutenberg Gala!

L’Empreinte excels at the 40th Gutenberg Gala!
It is an honour for L'Empreinte to have made its mark at this anniversary edition of the prestigious Gutenberg Gala by winning two important accolades!

Our book Serge Lemoyne - Hors jeu, commissioned by MNBAQ and produced in collaboration with Gravure Choquet and Multi-Reliure, won the Publishing - Books award. This magnificent piece required a lot of teamwork, which we are happy to see recognized.

Our Wellington books, designed for our client Devimco Real Estate, won the Client Marketing Award. We had the pleasure of working with Gravure Choquet, Multi-Reliure and Plastirale to create these sophisticated designs.

These awards are the result of the work and passion of our artisans as well as the expertise and support of our business partners, whose contribution we sincerely appreciate.

To learn more about the pieces produced, discover them in pictures!

Video Book Serge Lemoyne – Hors jeu

Video Books Wellington

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