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January 11, 2024

L’Empreinte acquires Alternative!

L’Empreinte acquires Alternative!

The L’Empreinte team is pleased to announce some big news as part of its shift towards packaging and its growth dynamic: the acquisition of Alternative.

Founded in 2004 by Sylvain Major and Lucie Apple, Alternative began specialising in the design, printing and manufacture of a wide variety of packaging products in 2013. The company’s reputation and expertise in the field are beyond question. These years of experience and know-how will be invaluable as we complete our transition to the packaging sector.

Since packaging has played a key role in our respective businesses, we’ve enjoyed a partnership with Alternative that has grown steadily over the years. Our two companies share not only interests, but also a common vision and values. The complicity that stems from these has played a key role in this acquisition process. And just like that, Sylvain Major will remain with the company for the next four years, and the company will retain its corporate identity.

This merger will not only allow us to gain greater expertise, but also to expand our customer base. By joining our fast-growing company, Alternative is ensuring the continuity of everything it has developed over the years, and offering a guarantee of sustainability to its current clients. L’Empreinte is proud of this new stage in our shared professional history, whose objective has always remained the same: excellence in our work and our services.

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