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June 8, 2023

L’Empreinte acquires a new press from Heidelberg to produce ever more impressive packaging!

L’Empreinte acquires a new press from Heidelberg to produce ever more impressive packaging!

As part of a strategic review begun in 2020, L'Empreinte has for some time been developing its activities in the field of retail packaging, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors. This mission resonates strongly with our concerns and our taste for perfection as a printer: successful packaging must be practical, safe, beautiful and legible!

An investment in the future

To ensure our successful development in the packaging sector, we decided to invest accordingly by acquiring a range of software and tools dedicated to retail packaging. In this context, our main acquisition is a new press chosen from the Heidelberg catalogue, a trusted partner of l'Empreinte for many years.

This new equipment is much more efficient. Unlike our previous press, the Speedmaster CX104 – 6 colours plus varnishing unit from Heidelberg allows us to run production at a faster pace and will enable our customers to benefit from a number of advantages:
- improved inking quality;
- better resistance to fading caused by UV rays;
- reduced production times by eliminating drying time;
- compatible with a wide range of substrates (PVC, recyclable PET plastic, acetates, metallic and holographic films or any other nonabsorbent material);
- possibility of using tactile-effect varnishes that offer a wide range of textures and finishes.

All at a more competitive price than its predecessor.

Quality and simplicity

The Speedmater CX104 is a hybrid press, offering great flexibility. It can switch very quickly from one ink to another or from one material to another - because it can print on both cardboard and recyclable plastic.

Its range of six colours plus varnishing unit, unlike the more limited range of 4- or 5-colour machines, is ideal for diversifying packaging printing options. The press is also equipped with a colour monitoring tool to ensure greater accuracy and consistency of colour from one pack and reprint to the next.

Thanks to its performance capacity, this press offers significant energy savings and reduces waste: start-ups are faster, there is less waste on start-up, fewer attempts to obtain the right colour, less alcohol required... The stand-by function completes this energy-saving equation.

A new chapter begins

The new press has been installed and has already made its first impressions. Thanks to this new equipment, we're going to reduce our production times and extend our product range. We have already implemented our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan this year and expect to obtain food certifications in the very near future. These steps are intended to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of food safety, and this new press will also help to ensure a completely safe manufacturing process for packaging of this type.

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